8 Things to Know When You Date a Girl Who Loves Disney

The girls who love Disney, it is noticeable very quickly … There are certain signs that do not deceive and here is your daily life if you are in couple with one of them.


It may be your girlfriend, your sister, your best friend or even you … But if you clicked on this article, there is a Disney fan in your entourage. She knows the songs by heart, she knows that these adaptations of Disney films will never be worth the originals and keeps making allusions to those cartoons that have rocked your childhood – you could even say that she has a doctorate in the matter ! A true Disney fan, it still has a lifestyle a little particular, there are some very distinctive signs that do not deceive … Those who are in a couple with one of them know it besides very good. Here is clearly what you need to know if you date a girl who dreams of having Walt as grandfather.


She wants to go to Disneyland for each of your holidays

… and you have no interest in saying that you are “already” gone. To have gone there only 5 or 10 times will never be enough, she is there in her. She knows the two parks by heart, but every time she rediscovers something (if, yes, she swears)!


She wants to redecorate your home with lots of things Disney

… to your beer coaster! The duvet, the soap dish and even your oven glove are stamped with Mickey’s ears. Whenever she puts a foot in a Disney Store, she never comes out empty-handed and she even cracked for the baby line with Pan-Pan on for “later.” But you, you have been scary at the moment …


It makes you watch and re-watch all cartoons, even those you do not like

… so that you end up loving them. You still said stop to Fantasia at the end of the third time – but you know that secretly it keeps the hope to make you like the genius of Walt Disney in front of the classical music.


Do not you want to put Shrek or Anastasia under the name Disney

… you would risk sleeping on the sofa. If you can not tell the difference between your DreamWorks and Disney, you’re a bad guy. She will recognize the talent of other cartoons, but we do not mix towels and towels anyway!


She sees her life as a Disney

… and for you it’s hard. Clearly the Prince Charming side is not your strong point and sometimes her princess habits leave you with ice. That does not prevent that when she cries half when a bird approaches her or sleeps like the Sleeping Beauty … You can not help but find that cute.

As soon as someone says, “Disney is for kids,” she reacts to the quarter turn


… and expect from you that you support her, in order to explain bluntly to the uneducated that he knows nothing about life. And frankly, on this one there, we agree squarely with her – do not try to understand, act.


She speaks in Disney replicas

… you even ended up using them yourself. Can you stall a small “gift from me to me” or “you want me to sting it?” In an easy conversation and you think it makes a lot of sense. You are on the dangerous slope my dear if you are at this stage there, know the.


She already knows the names of the next Disney that will be released in the next 10 years

… and be sure that you will see them on the first day of their exit. She knew for a year that it was Emma Watson who would play Belle and she already knew the songs of

Moana BEFORE she saw him. You admit it, sometimes, it makes you a little scared.


If you want to challenge her a bit – and give her pleasure too, because she will like to spread out her culture – do not hesitate to share her our Quiz for the Disney Addict! It may well be easy to knock out …