Artisan of art. In Auray, she weaves jewels with passion

Céline Caro has always liked to create. Passion has pushed her to create her business My Soul Bohème, in Auray. She is now a craftsman and the important thing for her is to work with the heart.

Céline Caro weaves colors, dresses gemstones to make beautiful jewels intended to sublimate femininity.

It uses mainly the technique of the macramé which is also called art of making knots. Waxed, water-resistant polyester threads in some sixty colors, amethysts, lapis-lazuli, obsidian or labradorite are the basis of his creations.

Atypical path

It is the succession of knots that gives forms and patterns, explains the one to whom the art of weaving was transmitted to the turn of a beautiful encounter. It has become a real passion. At the very beginning, I was weaving up to 10 hours a day in order to experience as many possibilities as possible. ‘

In 2014, the artisan decided to create her own company, Mon Sme Bohème, and to present her work on the markets. A new path opens for the young woman with atypical background, holds a Bac +5 in international trade, an import-export license and a master professor of schools. ‘Small, I was already making jewelry that I sold in flea markets, I wanted to reconnect with my dreams as a child. ‘

The importance of the other

Céline Caro weaves the link. Artistic and colorful, certainly, but social especially. ‘I listen a lot to what people are telling me. In a way, all these meetings shaped my work and oriented my choices. ‘

In addition to the purely technical aspect of weaving, there is also an undeniable philosophical dimension. ‘The intention that one puts in his creation is decisive. For my part, I have always done things with the heart. And this is surely what makes his work recognizable.

Celine likes to recall the important role of the weaver in the Amerindian, Celtic or Egyptian civilizations. A practice from the depths of the ages but still echoes in his hands today.


What she wants today is to evolve her creations by going further in her artistic research. Create larger and richer pieces for special occasions or hone costumes worn at medieval festivals, for example

The journey is also part of his wishes. ‘It’s one of the ingredients of my creativity. ‘

Craft markets

Although craft markets have existed for a long time in the Morbihan, a department that welcomes many creators and artists, the growing demand for local craftsmanship makes this type of gathering flourish. To be an artisan is also to be autonomous and have the freedom to do what we love, to perpetuate techniques and to create original pieces. The Morbihan has about 600 professional craftsmen. Around thirty arts crafts associations are listed.

An ephemeral boutique of local craftsmen opens this summer

Tomorrow, a collective of four artisans inaugurates an ephemeral shop in the old building of La Poste. Jewelery, tee-shirts, but also ceramics and porcelain are to be discovered.

Three questions to …

Viviane Fedieu-Daniel, one of the founders of the project.

How was this ephemeral boutique project born?

For a long time I have the desire to create a shop in the heart of Brocéliande. The ephemeral side (opening a few months in the year) seems to me relevant in a tourist place.

In April, I met Yves Josse, the mayor of Beignon, who is taking action to support the town center of his commune and promote crafts and culture. This shop is in continuity with the establishment of an art library, a publishing house, setting up a tourist tour of the church and the actions of the media library.

Thus, our shop, baptized Earth of creators, will open its doors in the old premises of La Poste, in front of the church.

Who are the artisans represented in this shop?

Our shop will work with four local designers: Violeta Stepanovic, P’tit bout de terre, ceramist in Concoret; Alain Gaucher, Porcelaines de Brocéliande, and Beignon; Céline Caro, from Vannes, with her jewelry My Bohemian soul, and myself, from Concoret, with Brocéliande spirit, T-shirts and jewelry.

We will exhibit ceramics, including rakou (special cooking method), macramé and stones jewelry, others inspired by vegetable, porcelain on themes of vegetable and chivalrous, and finally t-shirts created by craftsmen.

What links you to each other?

We all come from the Morbihan, and three of us from the country of Brocéliande. We met on the markets.

The products we offer are handcrafted, and are local products, often unique pieces of romantic inspirations (My Bohemian soul) or fantastic and medieval (P’tit bout de terre). Some will be inspired by the forest, or Arthurian myth (porcelains, jewelry, T-shirt designs). We all find ourselves in the same spirit and in the same source of inspiration.