LGBT journalist and activist Martha Jane Clyff congratulated her in a tweet: “We get there, one kiss at a time: Disney broadcasts its first gay scene. “

This screenshot is from an episode of Star Vs The Force Of Evil, aired on the Disney XD channel. LGBT lobbies have a program and a strategy to impose on our children their vision of sexuality, man and the world. They work there and they arrive little by little at their ends, “one kiss at a time”.

In August 2015, we warned you of the arrival of homosexuality in children’s programs.

In November 2016, we denounced the broadcast in the French cinemas of Sausage party, a pornographic animated film promoting rape for children aged 12 and over.

It is now the turn of the Disney Institution to give in to the pressures of the LGBT lobbies. These first gay kisses are just the beginning, the new version of Beauty and the Beast will present to your children “the first exclusively gay moment” in Disney’s history, according to the words of the director Bill Condon. This film, with Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans, will be released in theaters in France on March 22nd.

Behind the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, he will present the love story between Lefou (Josh Gad) and Gaston (Luke Evans). Bill Condon does not want to reveal the last scene of the film between these two characters, but he assures that it will be a “nice, exclusively gay moment”.

“LeFou is someone who one day wants to be Gaston and who another day wants to embrace Gaston. He does not know exactly what he wants. It is someone who discovers that he has these feelings. ”

The trailer for Beauty and the Beast is the most viewed (more than 30 million views) in Disney’s history, which is a huge success. The gay magazine Attitude declared this film as “the most gay of all Disney movies” with in addition a “surprise between person of the same sex for the fans”. Its director Matt Cain explains:

“By staging the attraction for a person of the same sex in this short but explicitly gay scene, the studio sends the message that this is normal and natural – and this is a message that will be heard in every country around the Even in countries where it is socially unacceptable or illegal to be gay. ”

You do not want to talk to your young children about issues related to sexual orientation and you think this is part of your educational freedom? LGBT lobbies think that your children must integrate this from an early age. For them, your children should find it “normal and natural”. So they have to be able to reach your children directly. How? By using programs for your children, to make your sex education in your place.