Presentation of Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort. Formerly named Disney-MGM Studios, this park has undergone many changes since its opening in 1989. Its various lands travel through cinema, television, entertainment and animation.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios currently consists of 4 zones. The latter alternate between reproductions of famous boulevards and film studios. Here is the reproduction of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles which is at the center of everything. Nevertheless, two new lands will arrive in the next few years: Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land.


The entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is via Hollywood Boulevard which leads directly onto Echo Lake. These two lands are very different but complementary; It is for this reason that they can be grouped into a single zone. Besides, the Chinese Theater is at the end of Hollywood Boulevard.


This street, inspired by the famous Los Angeles Street, serves as Mainstreet U.S.A at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. After passing the entry copied onto the Pan Pacific’s Auditorium, we arrive at a square called Crossroads of the Worlds. The Oscar’s Super Service shop (4 on the map) houses the stroller rental service, for example. It is also on this square that stands the information stands and Memory Maker.


After this place stands Hollywood Boulevard as such. There are food outlets and also the first shops in the park. As for restaurants, the Starbucks point of the park is located at the Trolley Car Cafe (2 on the map). In addition, there are 3 shops in this street:


Adrian & Edith’s Head to Toe: a boutique where you can personalize items such as towels (6 on the map).

Mickey’s of Hollywood: a store where you can find Disney items in general (5 on the map).

Keystone Clothiers: a clothing store (7 on the map).


Finally, the street ends with the Center Stage where the Grauman’s Chinese Theater is reproduced. Moreover, a spot Photopass allows to take a picture with the latter in background. It is in this theater that is the only attraction of the land: The Great Movie Ride (1 on the map), which is a dark ride that pays tribute to cinema classics. It is also on this reproduction that are projected the night shows Disney Movie Magic and Star Wars: a Galactic Spectacular.

Echo Lake Attractions

This land, part of which runs around the Echo Lake, features 3 themes in its attractions and activities. First, a whole part of this land is dedicated to Frozen. Sing-Along Celebration (8 on the map) is a 30-minute show close to the Chantons la Reine des Neiges show in Disneyland Paris. It is also possible to meet Olaf in the Celebrity Spotlight (10 on the map). Finally, the Frozen Fractal Gift Shop (21 on the map) is full of objects related to the Frozen cartoon.


Secondly, part of this land honors Indiana Jones. The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (11 on the map) is a 30-minute show where various action scenes are deciphered. Of course, it is the famous archaeologist who realizes them before your eyes. The Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost store (20 on the map) allows you to find souvenirs related to this universe.


Finally, the last theme represented is that of Star Wars. It starts with the Star Wars – The Adventure Continue (13 on the map) which is the same attraction as Disneyland Paris or Tokyo Disneyland. Likewise, there is also the movie Star Wars: Path of the Jedi (9 on the map) which summarizes the first 6 parts of the saga. Finally, the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple (12 on the map) will test the Strength of the youngest in this Jedi temple reproduction. On the shop side, the Tatooine Traders (22 on the map) allows to find many articles inspired by Star Wars.