Summer Shopping – Disney Store Selection 2017

Hello everyone ! Summer has arrived, and as every year I have traveled the site in search of the essentials of the summer for all Disney fans. For a trip abroad, a weekend at a lake, a picnic on the beach, or a day at Disneyland, I selected for you A series of accessories that will accompany you throughout the summer. Whether you’re on vacation, working, or just a weekend getaway, Disney characters are honored in this summer season …


Summer on the hats

With Cars 3


Spend a summer at 200 an hour with this collection of exclusive Cars products. To celebrate the upcoming release of the third installment of this Disney-Pixar saga, all drivers are requested to the Rust-eze booth. Enjoy a refreshing drink in an atypical bottle that has inflated tires! It is now time to take Route 66 to the beaches of California. Unroll your towel on the fine sand before leaving the backpack full of souvenirs, decorated with the crests of the stable.


A gourmet and smart summer

With Mickey and his friends



Who says summer water ice creams, aperitifs among friends, picnics … For that, Mickey will help you to organize your evenings of the most gourmet summer thanks to all its accessories. The ice cream maker is essential for all your homemade sorbets. And nothing like a good iced tea or scented fruit water to accompany the barbecue, prepared with the infuser pitcher, practical and smart! Finally, Mickey and his friends will be perfect for transporting and keeping your salads, fruits and cheeses during picnics.


Tortuga is a deceitful summer

With Pirates of the Caribbean: The Vengeance of Salazar



Let’s go freshwater! All on deck, heading for the den of the pirates most thirsty for wealth and rum. The handbag in the colors of an unleashed ocean will escort you to all the trendy evenings of the island. Slip into your bag the pocket mirror, in the form of a compass to guide you, and remake you a beauty at the sight of a pirate gun. For a relaxed brunette look with Jack Sparrow and his crew, the top marinière will be on display. Let’s say my pretty, yoho!


A summer full of adventures

With Rapunzel: the series



The intrepid princess Rapunzel returns in a new animated series, accompanied by Flynn Rider, Pascal, Maximus and new characters! The opportunity to make you live a summer rich in adventures. The picnic bag has several compartments to store all the essentials of a lunch in the forest. Toast with the brigands of the Tavern of the Lame Canard, in this adorable straw cup. Rapunzel’s diary will be an ideal tool to tell your adventures and holiday memories.


An Intergalactic Summer

With Star Wars



A stay in the hyper-space for your holidays, it tempts you? Discover the markets of Tatooine, tree climbing in Endor forests, or even if you opt for winter sports in summer on Hoth, do not forget your accessories of the summer. Your favorite droids R2-D2 and BB-8 are invited in the luggage with this sublime beach towel. A stop at La Cantina is a must, to have a drink with Han Solo in this steel goblet. The suns are strong in orbit, so do not forget your cap!


“Imagine life

Would be beautiful in summer! ”


Sunscreen, glasses, swimsuit, beach towels … Everything is there? Your suitcase is now ready for the great trip! Accompanied by your favorite Disney characters, summer will be even more magical. It’s time to take the road with Flash McQueen, board the Black Pearl, or take off with the Millennium Falcon, for a vacation full of madness, adventure and unforgettable memories. Do not forget the postcard, and good luck to all those who, like me, work all summer!